Yellow Flower Necklace


Unveil the beauty of Debbie’s handcrafted resin art with this striking triangular pendant, a dazzling addition to any artisan jewelry enthusiast’s collection. The pendant is meticulously designed with sun-kissed yellow dried flowers, their petals spread elegantly throughout the crystal-clear, durable resin. The sunny blossoms are complemented by delicate flecks of floral accents, masterfully placed to create a stunning visual array within the sharp, modern lines of the geometric shape.

Suspended from a gleaming gold-tone chain, this piece is a standout accessory that marries the rustic charm of pressed flowers with contemporary jewelry design. It’s a testament to Debbie’s dedication to preserving the splendor of nature in a wearable form. Perfect for the eco-conscious fashionista, this pendant speaks volumes of the wearer’s appreciation for unique, handcrafted pieces with a story.

Whether it’s a bold statement piece for a special occasion or a delightful spark to brighten everyday wear, this floral resin pendant is a versatile treasure. It reflects the trending desire for sustainable fashion, offering a blend of natural elegance and artistic flair that’s bound to captivate and inspire. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **



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