Watercolor Paintings



Currently Accepting Commissions For The Holiday Season! 

 I was no longer able to paint with alcohol ink as I need isopropyl alcohol; which was in very high demand thus leaving the shelves empty. So, I had to keep busy and stop thinking about what was going on in the world so…I painted a flower with watercolor. Don’t get me wrong, I followed along with www.letsmakeart.com and lo and behold, I had something that resembled an actual Iris (pictured)! I had to keep challenging myself! Below are some more examples from tutorials such as www.annamason.com and The Mind of Watercolor on youtube.com.

Below are paintings I did on my own. Some were commissions

Commission/Air Jordan Sneakers

These make great gifts!


'66 Mustang
'69 Camaro
Old Truck We Saw On The Side Of The Road
Commission/Buick GL
Commission/Ford Glaxay XL
65.5 Mustang
Commission/ 64 1/2 Mustang
Hugger Orange Camaro
Commission/Dave's '69 Camaro
Peter's 62 Caddy
Commission/Peter's 62 Caddy
'62 Corvette
Commission/ '62 Corvette
'69 Cutlass
Commission/ Mike's '69 Cutlass
'66 Mustang
'66 Mustang
Commission/ '48 Plymouth
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