Watercolor Paintings

I am having fun challenging myself to paint as many different subjects as I can. 

If you are interested in a commission, get in touch by clicking the button below. 

Commission/Air Jordan Sneakers
The Mayflower/ Plymouth Ma

These also make great gifts!


Car Portraits Are On 9″ x 12″ Arches Watercolor Paper using Daniel Smith Paints. 
Each Commissioned Painting is only $50 (plus$5 for shipping in US only). 
3-6 weeks delivery time.

'66 Mustang
'69 Camaro
Old Truck We Saw On The Side Of The Road
Commission/Buick GL
Commission/Ford Glaxay XL
Commission/ 64 1/2 Mustang
Commission/Dave's '69 Camaro
Commission/Peter's 62 Caddy
Commission/ '62 Corvette
Commission/ Mike's '69 Cutlass
'66 Mustang
Commission/ '48 Plymouth
Commission/ Laurie's Ultra Classis Harley
Commission/ Liz Jag xk8
Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Commission/Laureen Ray's Harley
Commission/ Gregg's Mustang
Commission/ Richard's Firebird

Works in Progress

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