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Alcohol Ink Artwork

What Is Alcohol Ink Art?

Alcohol ink is an alcohol-based, highly pigmented ink that can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol. This allows for the spreading of media over the page. It is similar to watercolors in that the colors are applied in layers over time by the artist. The artist then uses various techniques to create depth, composition, balance & interest.  Alcohol Ink Art is a skilled medium in which the artist has to trust their instinct as to when to guide the inks and when to let them flow as they will.  Original alcohol ink art can take days or weeks depending  on the kinetic energy in the pigments until they settle and declare themselves home. 

Funky Painted Furniture

…and I mean Funky! This is called my “Chaos” design. This is truly a one of a kind piece of art or should I say, functional art! I like to  find old, beat up furniture and to bring them to life, hence the Funky Furniture! Once I sand and fix (if it needs it) I then apply apply many layers of primer to ensure quality. It is with that white board I start creating my “Chaos” designs using acrylic paint. I then finish them with resin or a clear varnish which will help keep the piece looking like new, for years! It is so satisfying to see the end result! I can almost here the furniture thank me. 🙂

Home Accessories

Who doesn’t love coasters? Right now I am creating a bunch of different coasters. Each one is coated with resin. Resin makes the coasters not only waterproof and heat resistant but they also make it so you can enjoy them for years! Check ’em out and if your looking for a specific design, let me know.

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