Diamond Shape Flower Resin Earrings


Adorn your ears with these enchanting, handcrafted earrings, each featuring a miniature bouquet of real dried flowers encased in a clear resin diamond. The vibrant colors of the flora — a festive red zinnia, a serene green daisy, and a tender pink cosmos — are vividly preserved, creating a timeless floral arrangement that will never wilt. Each earring dangles gracefully, catching the light to showcase the delicate details of the petals and leaves within. Lightweight and versatile, these earrings add a touch of botanical elegance to any ensemble. With their unique charm and artisanal quality, they are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the artistry of handmade jewelry. These floral resin earrings by Debbie make a statement of both style and sustainability, celebrating the fusion of natural splendor with creative expression. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **

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