Letter “W” Keychain


This keychain, forming the letter ‘W’, is a small work of art, crafted with a blend of resin, mica powder, and glitter. Its design features an ombre transition from a golden hue to a deep celestial blue, reminiscent of a sunset melting into a starry night sky. The surface is speckled with mica that creates a subtle yet captivating shimmer, and the added glitter sparkles brilliantly under any light.

Adorning the edges of the letter, clear rhinestones are meticulously placed, enhancing the keychain’s elegance and adding a touch of glamour. This piece isn’t just about keeping your keys organized; it’s about making a statement with its vibrant colors and exquisite detailing. The combination of materials ensures durability while offering a sophisticated aesthetic. Whether it’s clipped to a bag or twirling with your keys, this keychain is a practical accessory for anyone who loves to add a personalized and artistic flair to their daily life. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **



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