Letter “P” Keychain


This exquisite ‘P’ shaped keychain is a striking accessory, handcrafted from resin imbued with mica powder and glitter. The deep blue section shines with a starry night sky effect, while the golden segment gleams like the first light of dawn. The contrast is highlighted by a string of clear rhinestones that add an elegant sparkle, meticulously placed to outline the keychain’s silhouette.

Not only does it serve as a durable holder for your keys, but its vivid colors and dynamic shimmer also make it a stylish statement piece. The combination of glitter and mica creates a captivating display that changes with the light, ensuring that this keychain stands out with its own unique charm. It’s an accessory that’s both practical and beautiful, a perfect token for anyone who delights in adding a personal touch to their everyday items. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **



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