Letter “D” Keychain


This stunning keychain is a masterful blend of practicality and artistry, crafted from high-quality resin, mica powder, and a sprinkle of glitter. The shimmering mica powder infuses the piece with an iridescent glow that flits between celestial blue and enchanting green, creating a mesmerizing effect that’s further enhanced by the reflective glitter particles. Each keychain is meticulously hand-poured and cured to ensure a glossy, durable finish that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Fashioned into the shape of the letter ‘D’, this keychain isn’t just a functional item to organize your keys; it’s a personal statement and a piece of portable art. The sparkling specks catch the light with every movement, bringing a dash of magic to your day. Whether as a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, this keychain is a small treasure that combines beauty and utility in one compact, eye-catching accessory. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **



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