Easter Day 8″ x 10″


Coloring eggs, getting all dressed up in your finest clothes…that what I think of when I look at this painting. Ok, maybe it’s only me…. These colors are so bright but in a “You don’t need to cover your eyes it’s too bright” kinda way. It’s subtlety bright (ok Deb, move on from the whole bright thing already!). It’s soft and pastel-ly (I love how in my art, I can make up the craziest words/names!) and of course the resin makes it just that much more glorious (yup, I’m saying this in ever post with resin). Ok, well, I think you get my point. This is a lovely subtlety bright Easter kinda painting. And you really need to have this hanging in your subtlety bright home! (see what I did there?)

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This is a cradled wood panel where I adhered mineral paper and then I finished it with the glorious resin. (ok, the resin isn’t glorious so to speak…it makes my painting all that much more ….umm..glorious!) Wow, and I said I wasn’t biased?!

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Original Artwork

Original Artwork


Original Artwork, 5" x 7" Print, 11" x 14" Print, 8" x 10" Print


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