Hey there! Thank you to all of you who’ve been following me and welcome to all you newbies! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Deborah Johnson. Well,  Debbie really, only my parents call me Deborah and usually it’s when they are upset with me for some silly reason (well I always thought it was silly! I was called Deborah a lot when I was a teenager..). I have 4 wonderful boys and 2 grandchildren!(yup I’m a grandma! i know, i know, I am wayyy to young)Also, 2 great dogs (they are mostly black lab but mixed with???,we rescued them so no idea really) and a wonderfully supportive boyfriend/husband (who supports & helps me with my biz!)  

I love dogs (umm, obviously!), I love fast cars (where the hell did that come from?), I love vintage anything; from architecture to cars (not food tho, I like it fresh!)! I have a habit of ending MOST of my sentences with an exclamation (seriously, I am a loud,(all in a good way), quirky, excited and somewhat of a wise ass (oh did I mention I am considerate to a fault?!) happy person. To me a “Period” is so blah…I gotta let the reader know how excited I am, right? (yes, I sleep good at night!) I love to read; actually I read really fast, so I stopped buying books cuz I felt ripped off when I was done in a couple of days; the library is now my best friend!       

My favorite food is, Candy (can I say that is a food??) ok, how bout; Sushi (I don’t know why I capitalized that?).My favorite movie is “The Sting”(’73 <— memba I love vintage things!). Favorite song is “Hotel California” I can sing it word for word (don’t ask me to tho!)! I love listening to old time rap like Run DMC (omg, brings me back to some good ‘ole days..p.s. those are the days when I was called Deborah a lot!)

 I started doing art when I was little; drawing Mickey Mouse and the clan. Worked up to oil, sketching, pastel, acrylic…well, you get the idea. I LOVE making something from nothing!! Having the confidence to believe in myself was the hardest part (trust me, I still struggle with that!). My bf/husband really helped me to push myself into doing more. After painting a good deal of art, he talked me into doing an art show in Buzzards Bay. OMG, when I look back at our first set up compared to my set up NOW; you can tell I have way more confidence (and the know how to set up a better display!) Oh the many tries and research I did ( and still doing!!). I actually got a first prize (in that first show) for one of my painted furniture pieces called “Cabinet of Chaos” (pictured below!). I was flying high (no, I don’t do any drugs), it was the best kind of high (at least in my book). The people who stopped by and said such great things about my art gave me the confidence to keep going! Is it hard; YUP, even today I get nervous and worry no one will stop or buy anything. That is the gamble I take each and every show (it never ends up that way…but still, I worry (dammit!)) Memba I said I was loud and fun (did I use the word “fun”? I should have!! Me and my husbandboyfriend (<– yeah I making a new word here!)have nothing but fun!! The people are great and the compliments are even better ( I wanna take some of those customers home with me so I can hear those good things everyday!)

So here I am today, with a small business, a website ( yeah the name is a little risque but they never forget it!!), on social media, have a facebook shop, doing SEO, creating a blog, selling online and starting a whole NEW business in web hosting (ez diy websites) with pre-made websites (right now geared to all you creatives out there who need a website!!) OMG, what time is it?  I will let you go, for now….! Thank you SO much for reading till the end (you are a real trooper!). So the whole stripper thing started when I was young and decided to to paint some of my boring furniture. So the first thing I had to do was strip it down. It was hard work but I enjoyed the end result! What were YOU thinking? ;)Until next time…

 Stay awesome!