Can’t We All Just Get Along? 36″ x 48″-SOLD


Umm…yeah can’t we? This title came about while I was painting this. Adding a bit of ink here and there and some just didn’t want to mix well with the others…and I was ok with that; for my painting! In real life, it’s another story. Mayhaps there will come a day when we all CAN get along? I like to think so…

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Wow, this is a big’un! 3 feet by 4 feet. But ooooh what a statement it will make! This also has some gold leaf added for that extra glam! It’s a gallery wrapped high quality canvas that is wired in back and ready to hang..just as it is! FREE SHIPPING

Original Artwork

Original Artwork


Original Artwork, 5" x 7" Print, 11" x 14" Print, 8" x 10" Print


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