Heart Shape Flower Earrings


These charming heart-shaped earrings from Debbie’s handmade resin jewelry collection showcase the delicate beauty of nature. Preserved within a clear, high-quality resin, each earring features a vibrant assortment of dried flowers, including sunny yellow blooms and soft pink petals, complemented by sprigs of green foliage. The captivating flora is expertly suspended in the resin, creating a three-dimensional effect that is both eye-catching and elegant.

The luminous resin not only preserves the natural beauty of the flowers but also adds a modern, glossy finish to these artisan earrings. Each heart dangles gracefully from a silver-tone hook, designed for comfort and long-lasting wear. These earrings are perfect for those seeking eco-friendly accessories with a romantic, whimsical flair.

Suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events, these earrings are a versatile addition to any sustainable fashion collection. They are a reflection of Debbie’s commitment to crafting unique, nature-inspired pieces that resonate with individuality and conscious style. **There is a flat fee shipping charge of $6.99. **



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