So…I had this picture in my head…pieces of glass, different shapes and sizes, layered on top of each other with my painted designs on them. Now in my head this artwork was pretty cool looking…different…new age…(ok, maybe not new age..but to me, something totally out of the norm!). I have started this “cool” painting and honestly, I am not sure I like it? Like all processes it changes as you go…and with this one, I DO want to make some changes (like not having the background be so busy..maybe I should have kept it plain wood?) so I wonder if that is the reason why I am not happy with this one…I can’t say for sure…


This one is maybe half finished. Here is what I did so far: 


After painting the wood panel I glued big pieces of colored glass then longer curlier pieces overlapping them. The 3rd and 4th layer will be more detailed in design all over the original painted glass.Does that make sense? Can you tell all this from the pictures? 🙂


I believe challenging oneself helps to make a good artist; great. Well, that is my hope anyway…


I welcome any and all comments..