Debbie did indeed tackle the Skyline, and what a twist of fate it was! The creative business name ‘Debbie Did It!’ took on a whole new meaning when I captured the essence of the Dallas skyline. At my inaugural Art Show, a visitor made the connection, exclaiming in surprise, ‘Wow, you DID do Dallas!’ As a novice to the art scene, I wasn’t accustomed to discussing my work, so I feigned ignorance, asking, ‘whatever do you mean?’ His observation that I had PAINTED the Dallas, TX skyline was spot on—I had indeed ‘done’ Dallas! The laughter that followed was genuine and shared. I explained that it was a tribute to the time my brother lived there, a purely innocent homage. The incident was a testament to the power of a great business name and the memorable impression it can leave, much like a distinctive logo can define a brand’s visual identity.

I am working on a New York skyline as well…so it would seem to be in my best interest to get that one added to my collection so as not to bring too much attention to Dallas!! This is a 30 x 15 x 1 1/2 gallery wrapped canvas named: Chaotic Skyline: Dallas, that depicts the Dallas (TX) skyline…debbie style!