Ever go to a gas station after (or for that matter, during) a rain shower? Ya? Ever look on the  ground to see those puddles where gasoline is swimming on the top of the water? if you did, then you will understand where this style of painting originated! 🙂 As a girl, (yup even then I loved bright colors!) I was delightfully amazed at the colorful designs swirling on the water after it rained. My “Gasoline” style art is inspired by those puddles of water…kinda gross when you literally think about it..but hey, we artists sometimes get inspired by the weirdest of things…am I right?


NOW, the name of this painting is a whole other story… 🙂 My bf dared me to name one of my paintings something totally off the wall that had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual image. I agreed and said he could come up with the name and I will paint the picture..and voila! I actually hid the name in the actual painting to make it more legit. Now when asked, I can say that the writing is in the art! 🙂

(this is painted on 4  12″x 12″ Wedge canvases..which I thought were way cool hence the side shot!)

Hey, ya gotta have fun once in a while…. 🙂


Thanks for reading..