Listed below are artists that I have come across in social media who have captured my attention. 
I love their work and admire them as artists so I wanted to share them with you!

The idea to share other artists work on my own site came to me from Michelle Underwood Photography who reached out to me and asked that I share my work on her page!

So go ahead, check out the artists’ work who are in the spotlight. If you are interested in being in the “Spotlight” send me an email!

You can thank me later! 😉

Lindsey Maldonado | Goose Creek, South Carolina

 Lindsey Maldonado, originally from Springfield Illinois, has grown her passion for art from a young age. While working towards a degree in Graphic Design, she continued to develop her fine art skills by studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. Over the past 15 years she has worked as a Graphic Designer for numerous companies, including CreateSpace, designing books, developing company branding, as well as, other various marketing projects. Ultimately, her passion for creating beautiful pieces and exploring her art, whether it be watercolors, acrylics or ink, led her to strike out on her own and start Lindsey Nicole Design Studio, where she brings elegantly crafted artistic works to life for others.
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I am a self-taught artist who started painting two years ago. My father was a self-taught watercolor artist and after he passed from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease, I felt an urge to paint something. We had spent an enormous amount of time together in his final year of life and it is my belief that he gifted me from heaven this talent. Two years later I find myself more in love with art and living a life I never thought possible.


Julianne McLaughlin, Hanover, Mass


Carly Van Eck, Grand Rapids, MI

I’m an acrylic artist based in Grand Rapids, MI. My art style is abstract, and filled with vibrant colors. Although I have always been creative and artistic, I didn’t really plan on having an art business until about 2014. I had just finished grad school for my degree in social work and was planning to work in the mental health field. However, chronic illness made it hard for me to work a “normal” job, so I turned to my artwork. Although I was discouraged by my health and its interference with my professional goals, I found peace in creating. I started out doing a variety of crafts and home decor, but have since focused solely on my abstract painting. I use a lot of bright colors and detailed brush strokes. My goal is to express joy through color and painting to inspire during times in which it can be difficult to feel joyful. Color makes me happy and I hope that is reflected in my artwork!
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Hello! My name is Ashley Hobbs. I am a recent college graduate, just moved to Seabrook, South Carolina and I am now working on starting up my own photography business. I developed my love for art and photography when I began taking pictures at three years old. I started my formal training in high school where I soon discovered that my favorite photographic subjects are animals and plants, but I continue trying out different techniques with new subjects – showing people things they don’t normally notice or pay attention to like a small flower or a piece of rusted metal in new ways. My website is bare at the moment but new stuff will be posted from time to time so check it out. If you do not see anything to your liking check back another time for new photos and make sure to contact me if you see anything you like for pricing!
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Ashley Hobbs, Seabrook, SC

Julie Regan Victoria, Australia

Hi my name is Julie Regan, I live at the end of the Great Ocean Road in Western Victoria, Australia. I began my love of resin and alcohol ink art in 2018 at the age of 60, since then, I have completed a number of workshops to broaden my knowledge and technique. As I am self-taught, I thought it was important to spend time with those that had the experience in the art world that I didn’t have, their experience and encouragement has been invaluable. We each have our own styles and through experimenting I have found my own and grown in confidence. In 2019 I took part in an Art Exhibition with RAW in Melbourne, Victoria, which was a great experience.

When we were in lockdown due to Covid-19 I started making resin jewelry to help fill in time and satisfy my need to create, I now have an extensive range of earrings, pendants and home décor which is constantly being added to. I am currently working full-time and my art is a hobby but I’m looking forward to retirement in 2022 and being a full-time artist. Please join me on Instagram and Facebook to follow my art journey.  

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My name is Michelle (Underwood) Kemp and I live in Northeast Iowa, USA. I am the owner of two companies: Michelle Underwood Photography, LLC, and Kemp Heavy Haul, LLC. My main source of income is hauling over-sized loads across the US with my husband, Mike, but my dream has always been photography, which is where my second business comes into play! It can be a bit tricky juggling a big trucking company and finding time to keep my photo biz going, but I enjoy every minute of the business rush! Aside from being Boss Lady (as my co-workers call me!) I have a variety of things that bring me joy; black coffee is probably the biggest joy-bringer! I also love hot weather, wearing my swimsuit as often as possible, camping, creating recipes in the kitchen, writing poems, swatting flies, buying [my husband would say “too many”] books, and eating mashed potatoes! Okay, actually… potatoes in every form are awesome. I hope you enjoy my photography, and if you would like to read more about my quirky self, you can read about me on my website. Have a lovely day!
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Michelle Underwood,Iowa, USA