Shimmering Shimmer 6″ x 6″


I know what you’re saying…I can hear it now. Where does she come up with these names?!! Actually, some I think of while painting them (it may be what I’m thinking/feeling at the time) and some names just jump out at me (not literally!). With this one, I have to admit, it may be a little hard for you to SEE why I called this Shimmering Shimmer (some things are just hard to pick up in photos, so I guess you will have to buy it to see what I mean! lol). This was created with the usual alcohol inks BUT, I added shimmering mica powder to the mix…and Oh what beauty it’s beholdin (sorry, been watching western films…so ya gotta say that with a little twang). Well, of course, you add the resin finish and POW, it shimmers (see how these names just jump out at me?) Well, like I said, I guess you will need to see this for yourself! 😉

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This is a cradled wood panel that has been primed first then I did my mica magic and finished it with the glorious resin. (ok, the resin isn’t glorious so to speak…it makes my painting all that much more ….umm..glorious!) Wow, and I said I wasn’t biased?!

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Original Artwork

Original Artwork


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