Let me bring to life your imagination! Let’s set up a free consultation and talk about the artwork YOU want to have hanging in your own home. I bring templates and color samples so you can feel confident in the size and colors YOU choose. Not sure what you want? I can help there too! Shoot me an email and let’s set something up. I promise, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Living Room Artwork

Duxbury Ma

Another happy customer! I had the honor of painting a large (my largest to date!) painting for my customer, Melanie. Below is a short video showing how the gold shines! The last picture has the resin finish, don’t mind the glare, it’s just like glass! 😉
This painting is called “Toni Aggraziati Della Melodia di Olivia” which translates to “Graceful Tones of Olivia’s Melody”. (Olivia is Melanie’s daughter who loves to dance) I like to create paintings that have meaning not only to me but more so for my customers. A painting with charm, emotion, individuality and charisma and I believe this one has all of that! Not only am I happy with the end result but Melanie & her family love it too and that’s what truly matters! 
If you or someone you know would like to have a special painting created just for them, send me a dm and let’s talk! 🙂

Skin Esteem Med Spa

Kingston Ma

Dawn, the owner of this spa found me on Instagram. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear from her! She originally wanted to show my jewelry in her shop and then asked if I could paint her a pair of lips (as that is her most requested service). This is a 4′ x 3′  alcohol ink painting with a resin finish. It looks Fabulous in her spa!! I also have many works of art showcasing there so please stop by and check them out when you can!

Artwork for Guest Bathroom

Duxbury Ma

Jeannie and John found me at Art on the Green at Pinehills. They were looking for art for their guest bathroom as they recently moved in. The house is amazeballs!! I was very excited to give them art that will compliment the surroundings.

New Construction

Pine Hills Plymouth Ma


Keith and Jelena also found me at Pinehills. They were having a house built and wanted to make it special. How honored did I feel?! I created a back splash in their kitchen, 2 paintings for their master bathroom and a table to match! I was happy but more importantly, they loved it!

Taunton Public Library

The Taunton Public Library contacted me for help in brightening up their newly chosen Art Gallery Room. The pictures below show the very beginning of the room, to the very end…where it is very much brighter!

Dresser and Chest

I had the greatest pleasure of restoring and updating my clients dresser and chest. Her grandmother had these and passed them on. My client could not get rid of them and instead, wanted them to be restored and given the color of life! Who better than to ask than me, the lover of color! haha…I can’t even begin to tell you how happy my client was with these pieces!! That’s all I need to hear…:)

hand painted dresser and chest by debbie did it

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