Funky Unique Painted Furniture

I LOVE color (can you tell?) I started painting my funky unique painted furniture  back in 1998(I call it my “Chaos” designs ). The house I was in at the time (back in 1998) was in complete shade so I didn’t have a lot of light inside the house. I really wanted to lighten up my living room so I had the bright idea of painting my (old) end tables….and so it began!(I included pics below) I have since “perfected” my style and started painting other pieces of old furniture (up-cycle!). Turning old, outdated ugly pieces of furniture into brand new striking pieces! I really love that these pieces are not only functional but they are also pieces of fine art!funky

Funky Unique Painted Furniture|

The very first of my “Funky Painted Furniture” tables.

Funky Unique Painted Furniture|

I couldn’t stop at just the one, so I painted this one funky as well!  

Watch as I paint the “End Of Chaos” end table (for sale below). Each and every color is thoughtfully added based on the surrounding colors. Notice how I start on a design only to move to another one. If I was to paint one area at a time, it wouldn’t look as uniform. Colors can dilute some and others can outshine. SO it’s better, albeit, longer to do it this way and in the end I feel better knowing it looks great! 

Below are some oldies but goodies!

Below are other Oldies but Goodies.