Free Like A Butterfly 34″ x 44″


Now this one….ahhhh. It’s in homage to my grandma. She LOVED butterflies. And I loved finding those little gifts or cards with the brightest most glittery (I take after her with lovin the shiny things!) of butterflies. This painting, for me at least, reminds me of butterfly wings. Go ahead, take another look at it. Right?! Butterflies are so free…they get to fly anywhere they want. I want you to think of that each time you look at this painting. Let it free you too…..

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This is huge! 30″ x 40″ AND it also has a custom made float frame! Wow amazing! (am I the only one amazed by this?) 🙂


If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email (on my contact page) and we can talk about it!

Original Artwork

Original Artwork


Original Artwork, 5" x 7" Print, 11" x 14" Print, 8" x 10" Print


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