Alcohol Ink Painting Dog Is Love – SOLD


Dog IS love…am I right? Ok, no offense to those cat lovers out there! I love cats too! (actually had a few in my lifetime) but my dogs would kill me, absolutely kill me, if they thought for one second that cats came before Dogs. So between you and me, I think they are truly on the same level (actually all animals are). (uh oh, she is going to go on a tangent about animals and how they are all so wonderful and blah blah blah…). NO I won’t do that to ya. Just know, for now, I love my dogs (and cat’s and fish, and elephants…ok, i’m gonna stop right there!). I am planning on doing a whole series on stay tuned. This is in honor of my dog Sadie, who I had growing up as a kid. Now I have 2 lab mutts and my life if complete! Did I talk about the alcohol ink art at all here????? 🙂

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8″ x 10″ wood cradled panel with Nara paper adhered with a resin finish. It look just so….superb (haven’t used that one in a bit)!


If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email (on my contact page) and we can talk about it! FREE SHIPPING

Original Artwork

Original Artwork


Original Artwork, 5" x 7" Print, 11" x 14" Print, 8" x 10" Print


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