Duxbury, Ma

Melanie, who loved the painting I created for Dawn at the Skin Esteem Med Spa in Kingston hired me to replicate a painting she fell in love with on my website. I can’t tell you how much of a challenge it was as alcohol inks are very hard to control and I am such a perfectionist but I loved every minute of it! I wanted this to be really special for the family (OMG, SO nice!) so after getting some family background I came up with a title for this piece. So meaningful, Melanie asked that I also create a sign to put next to the painting. Why is it so meaningful you ask? (I heard ya!) Well, Melanie’s grandma in law (Toni)gave them $ for xmas and asked that she spend it on something to remember her by. I thought that was so touching and knew I had to make the title count! See below the name in italian (their heritage) and it’s meaning. A little background; Olivia is Melanie’s daughter(the only granddaughter) and Grace is Melanie’s grandmother. Not only were they ecstatic over the painting but the name really hit home….and that’s why I love doing what I do!!

Plymouth, Ma

I had the pleasure of creating quite a few pieces of art for Keith and Jelena . They found me at the Art on the Green Art show @ The Pinehills last year and it has been so great to get to know them! They were in the midst of having their home built and really wanted something special in their kitchen. How bout a one of a kind backsplash? Yup, it looks great too! 

 Let’s not forget the paintings and hand painted table for their master bath too! Getting to know them has been one of the best experiences as they have been all over the world..and have quite the tales!!

Kingston, Ma

Skin Esteem Med Spa in Kingston asked me to create a big painting of lips. Lip filler is the number one procedure there! Go big or go home says Dawn, owner. She had a gala event where she also bought over 40 pendants to include in her swag bag. It was great seeing everyone wearing them and enjoying the artwork. I will be creating specific paintings (ie: smaller version of lips, starfish and mermaid name a few) and they will be hung there and for sale! Dawn is a super great person and I am so happy that she found  me on instagram!!

Duxbury, Ma

I met Jeanne and John at the Pine Hills show back in June and boy am I glad I did! What a great couple! They asked me to paint a picture for their guest bathroom (pic above) and they also asked for 3 smaller paintings each using the colors in the painting. I really loved  the look and so enjoyed making them! Nothing beats the oooh’s and ahhhh’s when I show them their artwork! Better than drugs!! hahaha Not only did I enjoy making the paintings but I also have great new friends!! and nothing beats that!